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Tips and Tricks to Fight Frizz During the Humid Months

By April 25, 2017No Comments
Fight Frizz During the Humid Months

HELP! Summer Is Coming and I Have Frizzy Hair.

In order to understand how to control frizzy hair, it’s important to understand why hair becomes frizzy in the first place. Frizz becomes apparent when the cuticle layer is left open or raised. This is typically a trait caused by dehydrated hair, but may also stem from over-processed chemical applications, or a poor razor-cutting technique. Improper blow-drying will increase frizz, while a proper blow-dry combined with the correct products can greatly reduce, if not eliminate, the appearance of frizz altogether. Yet, I still have several guests that, during the summer time, cannot seem to control their frizz whatsoever.

Why is this so?

Why does the humidity wreak such havoc on our luscious locks, and what can we do to prevent it?

First, you will need to analyze your hair. What type of hair do you have? Is it curly/wavy hair? Or is it straight? Have you recently lightened or permed your hair? How does your hair look and feel? What is your diet like? (Yes, this can make a huge difference.) Are you taking any medications that may affect your nutrient intake?  These are questions you can only answer yourself or through a professional assessment.

Next you will need to hydrate, rehydrate, and then rehydrate some more. This is so, Because, chances are, your hair is massively dehydrated. If your hair is dehydrated, you will be more vulnerable to frizzy hair on a humid day. Here is why: The water molecules in the air pass through the raised cuticle layer, and that moisture is then absorbed and incorporated into the hydrogen bonds of the hair. Those hydrogen bonds are temporary bonds that bind together the keratin proteins in the hair. When your hair is wet, these hydrogen bonds break down until the hair is dried, and new bonds form again. This is the essential molecular reaction that is repeated day, after day, after day. You control this process with blow drying or setting to obtain bend, lift, movement, and curl. If the process is not controlled, when all those new bonds form, they cause the hair to swell until it disrupts the cuticle, which results in frizz.

So how do we eliminate or reduce frizz on humid days?

It begins with the correct shampoos and conditioners. Start by using an emollient-rich, moisturizing shampoo and conditioner to rehydrate your hair. Follow this up by applying products to your hair that contain moisture, anti-humidity properties, and protection from the elements. Then blow-dry your hair properly with a concentrator. If you’re used to allowing your hair to air-dry, especially on humid days, this is your first mistake to calming frizz. Remember, if the cuticle layer is left raised you will encourage frizz by allowing water molecules in the air back into your hair. Blow-dry your hair until it is completely 100% dry. The cuticle layer of your hair travels from the roots to the ends. It is imperative that we dry our hair in this manner. This will properly encourage the cuticle layer to lay flat and close, sealing out any moisture left in the air. Ionic blow-dryers will provide you with the most help in properly drying and sealing the cuticle as quickly as possible. As ions get in between water molecules they disperse them from your hair. To know whether or not your hair is dry, use your cool-shot. If your hair is cold, it is still damp; if it is at room temperature, your hair is dry. When you successfully dry your hair with the cuticle lying flat, with the correct products containing moisturizers and anti-humidity agents, there should be very little chance of humid days ruining your finished look.

Products we recommend to help you fight these humid days:

  • Davines’ Your Hair Assistant Shampoo and Prep Rich Conditioner
  • Davines’ Your Hair Assistant Blow-Dry Primer
  • Davines’ This is a Relaxing Fluid

Tools we recommend to help you achieve your look:

  • Shuhari Pro Ionic Blow-Dryer
  • Shuhari Pro Ceramic Round Brushes

Written by: Philip Battaglia for Sojourn Salon