Senior Stylist

Master Stylist

Hair Design*

Women’s Haircut & Style$40$50$60
Men's Haircut & Style$30$40$45
Children 12 and under$20-$30$25-$30$30-$40
Young Men 13 to 17$25$35$40
Young Women 13 to 17$35$45$55
Blow Dry & Style$20$25$35
Flat Iron or Curling Iron w/ Service$15$15$15
* Includes complimentary neck and shoulder massage and blow-dry

Specialty Hair Design Services*

Formal Up-do $75$75$80
Bridal Trial Up-Do$75$75$85
Bridal Up-Do (Day of Wedding)$85$85$95
Hair Extensionsat consultat consultat consult
Specialty Perm$100$110$120

Color Services*

Starting At:
Starting At:
Starting At:
Mini Root Touch Up – an express service between your regular color services to cover fast-growing grays around the hairline only.$30$30$30
Root Touch Up - a simple, single color method that refreshes your base color or covers grays by touching up roots only.$60$65$70
All Over Color - a single color process that gives you one solid base color all over roots to ends.$75$80$85
Mini Highlight– brightens up or accents hair framing your face. This is a foil application of up to 10 foils.$40$45$50
Partial Highlight - adds dimension to your current base color by coloring strands of hair covering the crown of your head. $85$90$95
Full Highlight - same as a partial highlight, except it covers your whole head.$115$120$125
Balayage: A highlighting method where color is hand-painted onto the hair to create a soft and natural look.
Partial Balayage - balayage pieces covering just the crown of your head.$105$110$115
Full Balayage - balayage pieces covering your whole head.$135$140$145
Corrective Colorat consultat consult
at consult
Men's Single Process$30
Toner – alters tone of color$15
Eyebrow Tinting$15
*Prices may vary depending on length and thickness of hair. That's why we always offer a complimentary consultation to give you a better price estimate before we perform any color services. All color services include a complimentary, basic blow dry.

Davines Natural Tech Treatments*

Davines Natural Tech Product and Treatment systems are specifically designed and formulated to solve the most common scalp and hair problems. They are innovative formulas (free of parabens and sulphates) targeting specific concerns. Ask your stylist which treatment is right for you.
Detoxifying - A treatment loaded with anti-oxidants and nourishing conditioners to detoxify hair exposed to hard water, chlorine, and environmental damage. Allows for delicate elimination of all impurities from hair and scalp. Leaves hair protected and full of body.
Replumping - This treatment was developed with skin care “filler technology”, hyaluronic acid. It provides deep penetration, hydration, and elasticity support for your hair. Hair looks compact, re-plumped, and very shiny.$30$30$30
Nourishing - A reconstructing treatment for the wellbeing of brittle, fragile, or chemically treated hair and scalp. Rehabilitates the scalp and mends the cuticle layers of the hair.$30$30$30
Energizing - A stimulating and energizing treatment for fragile hair that is prone to hair loss and lack of volume. Deeply cleanses and stimulates blood flow to the follicles. Strengthens the existing hair.$30$30$30
Purifying - A deep cleansing and healing treatment to exfoliate and nourish the scalp. Removing dry skin caused by eczema, and dandruff. The result is healthy, nourished, and clean hair.$30$30$30
Rebalancing - This treatment balances oily scalp conditions. It calms the scalp and aids in restoring it to its natural health and beauty.$30$30$30
Well-Being - This treatment is a family of moisturizing, protective, and invigorating products for all hair types. It can be used between other Natural Tech treatments.$30$30$30

Other Treatments*

Olaplex Treatment – Olaplex makes hair stronger and healthier and helps color last longer by reconnecting broken disulfide bonds in the hair. Bonds break when exposed to chemicals in color, to heat, and to mechanical force, such as combing wet hair This treatment is suitable for all types and textures of colored hair, but is especially beneficial to hair that has been over-processed. It can be done as a stand-alone treatment or as an add-on to your color service.
Olaplex Stand-Alone$30$30$30
Olaplex Add-On with Color Service$20$20$20
Shine & Glaze - Boosts dull hair with a glossy, natural-looking shine.$20$20$20
Keratin Complex Smoothing Treatment - Delivers versatility of smoother, healthier-looking hair without damaging the hair. Works effectively on all hair types.Starting at $300Starting at $300Starting at $300
Davines Alchemic Color Boosting - of a Davines Alchemic shampoo and Alchemic conditioner that contain hydrolyzed milk proteins and direct pigments You may choose from the following Alchemic Shampoos: Silver, Chocolate, Golden, Red, Tobacco, and Copper.$30$30$30


Full Face$60$60$60
Eyes Only$25$25$25
Add False Eyelashes$15$15$15
Bridal Makeup$65$65$65
Makeup Lesson$55$55$55


Eyebrow Reshaping$20$20$20